[Chugalug] CSS/JS/HTML Therapyon http://chugalug.org

Mike Harrison cluon at geeklabs.com
Tue Sep 25 23:32:57 UTC 2012

> My best suggestion would be to compare it to something else you
> consider "normal" and "acceptable".  I have a hard time finding a page
> that loads in under 200kb these days, but that's just me....

What I am used to is our core system:
"Juice" has a customer info screen that is "huge" with the amount of data 
it displays. I just pulled one up with a lot of stuff in it. On a
dev server with compression turned off (so I can sniff easier):

 		Size	Uncompressed Size
1 Document	37 KB	37 KB
8 Images	16 KB	16 KB
0 Objects
3 Scripts	4 KB	4 KB
1 Style Sheet	20 KB	20 KB
13 Files	77 KB	77 KB

And most of the images (16kb) is a Logo and stuff
that is there because the customer demanded it.

A typical screen is < 50kb uncompressed. Javascript and all.

These interfaces allow caching of the CSS and JS and Images,
and work very well on burst satellite and wireless networks
in remote places on crappy old browsers.

Actually data transfered with compression on after your first time
through a cycle: < 8KB per page.


But I'm playing.. Trying the new paradigm..
I mean, it looks like this internet thing just might take off.

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