[Chugalug] CSS/JS/HTML Therapyon http://chugalug.org

Mike Harrison cluon at geeklabs.com
Tue Sep 25 20:06:49 UTC 2012

Yesterday was one of those days where after getting home,
I felt the urge to do -something- productive and gratifying.

I'd been playing with Twitter Boostrap, a collection of CSS
and JavaScript (including jQuery Aaaack!) that is useful for playing 
around with a CMS's (Content Management Systems) and interfaces.

It seems pretty heavy for a 5 page website, but I have to
admit I like the adaptive/responsive menu's for playing with
smart phones, tablets, etc.

So I updated the Widget CMS on http://chugalug.org with it.

Those of you that know me and my affection for table driven layout, hatred 
of jQuery and JavaScipt powered menuing might wonder what aliens injected 
what glowing substance into my head... Rest assured, I'm still me,
but you have to learn/know something well enough to love it,
to honestly hate it.

So, loading all that crap makes the main page:

    		Size	Uncompressed Size
1 Document	2 KB	8 KB
8 Images	33 KB	33 KB
0 Objects
14 Scripts	96 KB	313 KB
3 Style Sheets	24 KB	150 KB
26 Files	154 KB	504 KB

I'm looking for some feedback. Is this "the new normal" and "acceptable"?

To be on topic:

   It's hosted on Linux,
   written with only a text editor (live on the server)
   (joe < vi < emacs )
   and is about the Chugalug website..

Mike Harrison   bogon at geeklabs.com  cell: 423.605.6943

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