[Chugalug] Falling in love again.... (with Linux)

Mike Harrison cluon at geeklabs.com
Sat Sep 22 17:03:42 UTC 2012

> Which tablet and version of Android? I have a HP Touchpad with 4.0 (CynogenMod) that is nice. I wish it did
> multiple windows something like WebOS did.

I went for the Asus Transformer Infinity, with optional keyboard.
It's got a stock ICS on it. (Had it a whole week)

It was/is a splurge. partially for exploring current interface paradigms 
(buzzword alert) and specifically to retool some web tools / interfaces
of mine to make them more tablet friendly. That is also in my list for 
this weekend.

It also, for the Mac, using Air Display, give me a semi-portable dual-head 
setup. I'd like for it to work on Linux as well, but that's beyond my 
skills, or at least, my potential skills and time to invest in it.

I'm a bit stuck in the old days, am using Pine (Alpine actually) to do
email, but am trying to find value in the current gee-whiz level
of Linux, Android, etc.. Some of it is awesome. Some of it is really
clunky for me. The race to the bottom of the market has both helped and 
hurt usability and interface design. Especially if you are stuck in a
convention of worrying about running programs and memory.

Ed seeks and likes a weird advantage with some of the older hardware and 
OS's. It's possible to wrap your head around them. Almost grok the
entire thing. Not as easy with the more complicated systems built upon 
layers and layers of kruft.

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