[Chugalug] Falling in love again.... (with Linux)

Mike Harrison cluon at geeklabs.com
Sat Sep 22 11:06:25 UTC 2012

> I'm so behind, I didn't even know you two had fussed.

I gave Unity on Ubuntu 12.04 a very long serious trial,
as well an ongoing affair with a Mac Pro Laptop (Lion).

I've been expirementing lately.
At home right now is:
   Netbook running 12.04 and Unity.  - May soon be something else.
   Mac Pro running Lion. - It's very nice hardware, and very good
                           at being a MS-Windows replacement.
   Big Sony running Bodhi
   Desktop running Bodhi
   Android tablet... Interesting device, device, paradigm..
                     not sure what it's really for (for me) yet.
                     It both shows promise and frustration.

> How are you and Mailman these days?

Mailman and I are great, Mailman and Courier (mail server) are having a 
spat and I may get to referee this weekend. It seems to be the first 
weekend I have been home in months, gotta do some home things.

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