[Chugalug] Apple wants to get cozy with the TSA

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And no Apple product ever in production has Near Field Communication.

And that the TSA has shown a complete unfamiliarity with Apple products.

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> Funny it would use Near Field Communication, and hackers have demonstrated
> exploits for that.
> "Currently — as most of us know — TSA agents briefly examine government ID
> and boarding passes as each passenger presents their documents at a
> checkpoint at the end of a security line but Thom Patterson writes at CNN
> that under a 2008 Apple patent application that was approved in July and
> filed under the working title "iTravel," a traveler's phone would
> automatically send electronic identification to a TSA agent as soon as the
> traveler got in line and as each traveler waits in line, TSA agents would
> examine the electronic ID at an electronic viewing station. Next, at the
> X-ray stations, a traveler's phone would confirm to security agents that
> the traveler's ID had already been checked. Apple's patent calls for the
> placement of special kiosks (PDF) around the airport which will
> automatically exchange data with your phone via a close range wireless
> technology called near field communication (NFC). Throughout the process,
> the phone photo could be displayed on a screen for comparison with the
> traveler. Facial recognition software could be included in the process.
> Several experts say a key question that must be answered is: How would you
> prove that the phone is yours? To get around this problem, future phones or
> electronic ID may require some form of biometric security function
> including photo, fingerprint and photo retinal scan comparisons. Of course,
> there is still a ways to go. If consumers, airlines, airports and the TSA
> don't embrace the NFC kiosks, experts say it's unlikely Apple's vision
> would become reality. 'First you would have to sell industry on Apple's
> idea. Then you'd have to sell it to travel consumers,' says Neil Hughes of
> Apple Insider. 'It's a chicken-and-egg problem.'"
> http://apple.slashdot.org/story/12/09/19/2211203/apples-secret-plan-to-join-iphones-with-airport-security
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