[Chugalug] Lawyer Volunteering to Chugalug

Mike Harrison cluon at geeklabs.com
Mon Oct 29 14:18:08 UTC 2012

We've had several online conversations and mentions at Chugalunches
where an IP/IT/Entrepreneurial lawyer would be helpful to have involved.

Abusing powerful connections (Nancy) brought us a volunteer of
Ed Nanney (http://www.nanneylaw.com/) to address the group(s)
and do some Q&A.

If ya'll think this would be a great meeting, I'll arrange
according to his availability some weekday evening after November 11th.
We may invite some similar focused (technology) people as well.

Hadn't added a "poll" feature to the website... (yet)
but if ya'll think this meeting topic and presenter is
a good idea and would be interested in attending.
Reply to the list/this message.

If you have concerns/questions, put them in the reply and we can
share them with Mr. Nanney before the meeting so he can be prepared.. or 
forewarned at least.

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