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Mon Oct 22 13:04:39 UTC 2012

You Galaxy Tab is like my Samsung Note.
I did some combination of plug it on and set USB and I was able to rsync the 
whole phone to my Linux puter.
I don't remember how I did it, but I'll need to do it again when I get the 
phone back from repairs.


Garrett Gaston writes: 

> I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab, the big screen. I am currently just using the wi-fi internet, I do not want to pay for additional service apart from what I have at home. My only complaint is that I can not use it with Linux. When I plug in the device it will not show up anywhere. I've consulted google which gave me a bunch of tutorials but they have so far failed. 
>> Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2012 11:35:04 -0400
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>> Subject: [Chugalug] Android tablets 
>> So, after reading this thread on Jelly Bean, I'm tempted to go out and  
>> buy a new tablet that's got Jelly Bean. Anyone know a decent tablet  
>> that *will* use Mobile Data, but doesn't require a contract? The thing  
>> I like about my Dell Streak is that I'm using T-Mobile's "pay as you  
>> go" service and if something happens (like I get laid off or  
>> something) I can just not pay next month and I'm not going to get hit  
>> with a huge cancellation fee. OTOH, I still have access to data  
>> on-the-go, even if I'm not near an open Wi-Fi hotspot. 
>> I would love to find a tablet that has the latest version of Android,  
>> has mobile data service and does not require a contract, and all for a  
>> decent price (<$200)
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