[Chugalug] OT: Windows Antivirus

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Thu Oct 18 12:52:04 UTC 2012

like others said windows security essentials seems to be it since 7.
If that is the case why isn't on default installs?

Someone here recommended comodo for antivirus. It seems to be pretty good.

----- Original Message -----
> Sorry about the OT post, but I figure like I used to be, a lot of
> folks here
> make their living supporting Windoze PCs. So, with that apology, let
> me ask,
> what do you guys use for free antivirus on Windows? I have a friend
> who's
> computer was infected. I have run an emergency antivirus and I think
> it's
> mostly clean. They currently have AVG free, which I think used to be
> pretty
> good... a resource hog, but pretty good at catching malware. Anything
> better
> that you don't have to re-register every few months? Free is the key
> here.
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