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The ham in me says put up a bigger stick and see what you can get. Trust me someone nearby has an open link.
I remember once I hooked up a six meter receiver to a huge two meter antenna at the rescue squad (200 ft tower).
Picked up old cordless phones (40-50hz) from everywhere.

Wifi is radio. The same applies. Though she will need a tuned antenna to transmit.

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> An acquaintance of mine from Facebook asked me a question today - she
> wanted
> to know how to crack a Wi-Fi password so she could use a neighbor's
> Wi-Fi
> without their knowledge and/or permission. I strongly discouraged
> her, but
> what do you guys think?
> Would you do it if you couldn't afford to pay for internet? Would you
> help
> someone do it? If so, how would you suggest going about it?
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