[Chugalug] Using g-mail for mass mailings

Ed King chevyiinova at bellsouth.net
Tue Oct 16 12:51:22 UTC 2012

A high-tech company I know sends out 600+ emails a day via gmail with a 
<sarcasm> copyrighted </sarcasm> LGPL php class.   The top of the script is 
shown below...

# Class: SMTP
# Author: aldo of http://mschat.net/
# This class can be used to send email with SMTP instead of mail().
# Here is an example of how to use it:
# require('SMTP.class.php');
# $smtp->auth(SMTP_USER, SMTP_PASS);
# $smtp->mail_from(WHO_IS_THE_EMAIL_FROM);
# Of course replacing everything with the necessary stuff.
# NOTE: This WILL work with GMail! Use ssl://smtp.gmail.com for the SMTP host
#       and 465 as the SMTP port, and false for TLS.
# This script is released under the Lesser GPL. You are allowed to
# use this in, well, anything really. You can redistribute it, edit it
# and so on. All I ask is you give credit where credit is due.

of course there are 1,000 other ways to do the same thing

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I been tasked to figure out how to send receipts via e-mail.
I look at the documentation and all I need is a SMTP mail server and port # to 
punch in.
Problem, like many organizations we handle our mail via Gmail.
We have our own domain. But I was wondering (1)if gmail allows outside apps to 
access its functionality and (2) won't a spam flag get tripped if I do a mass 
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