[Chugalug] Wi-Fi passwords

Mike Harrison cluon at geeklabs.com
Tue Oct 16 03:10:54 UTC 2012

> An acquaintance of mine from Facebook asked me a question today - she wanted
> to know how to crack a Wi-Fi password so she could use a neighbor's Wi-Fi

0. She's a 19/45 year old DHS-CyberWarfare hack trying to catch you with 
information and knowledge that would label you as a person of interest.

1. In mundane circles I admit that I have read that such things are 
possible, but I have no knowledge of them myself.

2. I contend that even in geekier circles, you should figure such things 
out yourself, in private, on your own network, for educational white hat 
purposes only.

3. She might be amazed at what a fresh baked batch of cookies (or 
similar gift) at the neighbors house will get you... like both permission 
and the "password".

4. Stealing IS stealing, will she also run an extension cord and water 
hose? WiFi leaching can be a liability for both parties. ie: He really is 
a _____________, but when the black helicoptors come to take him away,
they see her computer on the local network as well and she gets involved.

5. Ifa u godda aska such questions in a public forum, do you really expect 
any answers other than these? Waddayathink?

6. What Would Chad Do?

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