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Not to mention taking advantage of all the weird telco setups to bypass LD.
Example my dad had Grundy County phone service even though he lived on the edge of Marion Co..
By law you can't be charged LD to call your county seat (Jasper).
So you call a system in Jasper to call Chattanooga which is locale to all nearby counties.
The old telco system had all kinds of loopholes like that.

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> > I've been researching on Wikipedia, and came across the articles
> > for
> > Tymnet and Telenet.
> What Wes said about things seeming lame in modern terms. What I
> remember of Tymnet was that if you could score the right access info,
> it could be a way to get to CompuServe without paying long distance
> charges. Of course you also had to score a CompuServe account, and
> when
> the whole damned BBS world was there in front of you. And if your
> local
> BBS scene wasn't cool enough, it was easier to hack long-distance
> calling services which, in those days, used a 4 digit(!) access code,
> short enough to be hacked by hand even if you didn't have an
> auto-dial
> modem.
> Or so I've heard *cough*.
> Dan
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