[Chugalug] Reminiscing about times I was too young to remember!

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Mon Oct 15 19:41:17 UTC 2012

The interesting thing is those systems (BBS') were open while the new tech trends toward closed ecosystems.
I remember taking a dumb terminal and slow modem to hit bbs systems and telneting via UTC Gandalf system.

SDf.org can still give that feeling today.
Found Gopher based blogs on there. What a concept! 

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> > short time. Never used AO-Hell, or GEnie... I *may* have logged on
> > to GEnie once or twice, but that was about it. It's been so long
> > since I used CompuSmurf, I don't even really remember
> > much about it. :D
> I remember Compuserve: Slow and Expensive.
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