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On Sat October 13 2012 11:06:50 AM Phil Sieg wrote:


I was a Verizon customer for a LONG LONG TIME.

I have traveled everywhere as an AT&T customer and I will say that my service 
has been as good as Verizon's everywhere (including rural areas). Most of the 
negative hype about AT&T's service was VERY good marketing by Verizon. The 
only caveat is that my AT&T service takes a hit ONLY in very dense urban 
situations (CES Las Vegas, occasional sporting events in Chicago, and other 
high density events). I have NEVER experienced poor service in and around 
Chattanooga, Atlanta, Knoxville, Birmingham, Nashville etc...

I am NOT a paid representative for AT&T, in fact I hate the bastards, but I 
hate Verizon more for many reasons. My biggest beef with Verizon and Sprint is 
that they use CDMA Technology, which has a lot to do with USA's slow market 
evolution compared to other countries. Service prices would now be HALF what 
they are if ALL USA service providers had always been GSM. Don't even get me 
started on how long it took us to get cool phones!!!

Phil, I have tried all the major carriers except AT&T. I found that, in 
certain areas, such as Ellijay where I used to work, I had cell service where 
my friends/co-workers who used AT&T did not. THAT is why I am not going to 
switch to AT&T any time soon for my cell. I might switch to them from T-Mobile 
for tablet, as Verizon's mobile data plans suck, but again, based on 
experience, I have had the best service from Verizon. I've used Powertel (now 
T-Mobile), Sprint/Nextel and Verizon. Of those, only Verizon has had the most 
reliable service. I see your point about CDMA vs GSM, but unless/until such 
time as Verizon switches over, we're going to have to have split service.
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