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I was a Verizon customer for a LONG LONG TIME.

I have traveled everywhere as an AT&T customer and I will say that my service has been as good as Verizon's everywhere (including rural areas). Most of the negative hype about AT&T's service was VERY good marketing by Verizon. The only caveat is that my AT&T service takes a hit ONLY in very dense urban situations (CES Las Vegas, occasional sporting events in Chicago, and other high density events). I have NEVER experienced poor service in and around Chattanooga, Atlanta, Knoxville, Birmingham, Nashville etc...

I am NOT a paid representative for AT&T, in fact I hate the bastards, but I hate Verizon more for many reasons. My biggest beef with Verizon and Sprint is that they use CDMA Technology, which has a lot to do with USA's slow market evolution compared to other countries. Service prices would now be HALF what they are if ALL USA service providers had always been GSM. Don't even get me started on how long it took us to get cool phones!!!

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On Oct 13, 2012, at 10:38 AM, John Aldrich <mrmaxx at spamcop.net> wrote:

> On Fri October 12 2012 4:21:53 PM Phil Sieg wrote:
> John,
> 1. Get an android phone (if you don't have one).
> 2. Get a Straightalk SIM http://www.straighttalk.com/shopsims
> 3. Get their unlimited Talk & Text & Data plan for $45 a month (my wife is on this with iPhone 4s and it ROCKS).
> 4. Root Your android phone and make it a hotspot.
> 5. Share data with your wifi only tablet (this is how I tether to my iPad)
> Done.
> Great deal, involves a linux variant and minor hacking. Totally list appropriate.
> Thanks for the info, Phil. I'll keep that in mind. However, I'm reluctant to buy and carry yet ANOTHER phone, and I'm happy with the Verizon service I get on my plain ol' cell phone. AT&T service tends to suck compared to Verizon. However, as you pointed out, T-Mobile service sucks even worse, so I may have to go with a pre-paid SIM. I wonder if my Streak could run on AT&T network? Hmm... have to go to the AT&T store and see. :D
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