[Chugalug] Android tablets

John Aldrich jmaldrich at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 12 20:12:21 UTC 2012

Quoting Lynn Dixon <boodaddy at gmail.com>:

> John,
> I absolutely love my Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE.  My company has me on Verizon,
> but you can get the Galaxy Nexus from other carriers. Its running Jelly
> Bean and its pretty awesome.  Do not fall for the non-Nexus devices, as
> they wont give you the pure Google Android experience. Thats the beauty of
> the Android sphere.  Device makers are free to use Android in however they
> wish to serve the customer base they want to target, and they can modify
> the interface for that market.  The other cool thing about Android is that
> you can choose to stick with the "Google Experience" and buy only Nexus
> branded devices, which only run pure android without all the other fluff
> added in by the manufacturer.
> The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is also a very well built phone in my opinion.  I
> love that I can swap in the larger capacity battery when I need to, and not
> add any bulk to the phone.  I am pretty damn rough on my phones, and I only
> have a screen protector on my Nexus, and it looks almost new.  I have been
> using it Since early February. It has a huge screen (4.3 or 4.5 inch, cant
> remember) that is larger than even the "new hotness" iPhone 5. Excellent
> visibility in direct sunlight, and has a superb battery life.  I use my
> phone ALOT during work hours, and I can charge it overnight, unplug it at
> 7am, use it all day at work, then take it to class, and by the time I get
> home at 10pm, it will still have around 30% battery left. and thats on the
> OEM non-extended battery.
> Hope that helps!
Thanks, Lynn... your comments are very helpful, however, you  
overlooked TWO major requirements - no contract requirement, and  
sub-$200 range. Last time I looked to get the Mobile-Data-capable  
version, it was like $100 more than the WIFI-only version, which puts  
it about $250+. Also, I don't know of any vendor who will sell it w/o  
a long-term contract. I will gladly be proven wrong, so if you have  
knowledge that I don't, please feel free to share. :D

As a contract employee who could, theoretically be told at any time,  
"OK, we don't need you any more" I'm reluctant to sign a long-term  
contract with another wireless carrier.

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