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Lynn Dixon boodaddy at gmail.com
Fri Oct 12 16:15:01 UTC 2012

I absolutely love my Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE.  My company has me on Verizon,
but you can get the Galaxy Nexus from other carriers. Its running Jelly
Bean and its pretty awesome.  Do not fall for the non-Nexus devices, as
they wont give you the pure Google Android experience. Thats the beauty of
the Android sphere.  Device makers are free to use Android in however they
wish to serve the customer base they want to target, and they can modify
the interface for that market.  The other cool thing about Android is that
you can choose to stick with the "Google Experience" and buy only Nexus
branded devices, which only run pure android without all the other fluff
added in by the manufacturer.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is also a very well built phone in my opinion.  I
love that I can swap in the larger capacity battery when I need to, and not
add any bulk to the phone.  I am pretty damn rough on my phones, and I only
have a screen protector on my Nexus, and it looks almost new.  I have been
using it Since early February. It has a huge screen (4.3 or 4.5 inch, cant
remember) that is larger than even the "new hotness" iPhone 5. Excellent
visibility in direct sunlight, and has a superb battery life.  I use my
phone ALOT during work hours, and I can charge it overnight, unplug it at
7am, use it all day at work, then take it to class, and by the time I get
home at 10pm, it will still have around 30% battery left. and thats on the
OEM non-extended battery.

Hope that helps!

On Fri, Oct 12, 2012 at 11:35 AM, John Aldrich <jmaldrich at yahoo.com> wrote:

> So, after reading this thread on Jelly Bean, I'm tempted to go out and buy
> a new tablet that's got Jelly Bean. Anyone know a decent tablet that *will*
> use Mobile Data, but doesn't require a contract? The thing I like about my
> Dell Streak is that I'm using T-Mobile's "pay as you go" service and if
> something happens (like I get laid off or something) I can just not pay
> next month and I'm not going to get hit with a huge cancellation fee. OTOH,
> I still have access to data on-the-go, even if I'm not near an open Wi-Fi
> hotspot.
> I would love to find a tablet that has the latest version of Android, has
> mobile data service and does not require a contract, and all for a decent
> price (<$200)
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