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Fri Oct 12 15:12:38 UTC 2012

I don't have 43 tablets - but I do have more than one.  6 tablets (and an
iPod Touch) - that's not counting the ones I have had and have sold.  Those
are just the ones I have currently.

HDMI is hardly a novelty. I have used it for real-world reasons on numerous
occasions.  Making a presentation, for example.  Watching your Netflix at
someone else's house on their HDTV, for another.  Playing multi player
video games on a big screen with Bluetooth controllers...

Cloud based storage is useful, yes, but not for installing applications.
 And, yes, I have filled up more than one device's on-board storage with
nothing but applications.  No media, no documents - just apps.

And even if most devices don't have the features I listed - that doesn't
mean they aren't still reasons to not pick the Nexus.  And, you are right,
not all cheap tablets have those features - maybe not even most - but in
the last 2 months I've either bought or helped someone else buy 3 tablets
each under $100 - that had all of those features - USB OTG, MicroSD,
HDMI,etc..  (One of the tablets didn't have a rear facing camera.)

As far as the operating system goes...  The upgrade process has been
hit-or-miss, not just for the cheap tablets - but for all the devices I've
had.  My $200+ Acer Iconia was over 6 months delayed from getting ICS, and
I don't think it will ever get an official JellyBean upgrade.

But - at less than $100 (sometimes less than $70) I could buy one device
now with ICS, and in a year whenever Iced Latte or Snickerdoodle or
Birthday Cake comes out - whatever the next Android update is called...  I
could buy another one, with a faster CPU and other features...  And still
have spent LESS than I would have spent on a Nexus 7.  And I'd still have
my original device.  Or I could sell it and use that money towards the next

*- Chad W. Smith*

On Fri, Oct 12, 2012 at 12:45 AM, C A <basic2point0 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Those really cheap tablets rarely come with all (or most) of those
> features. They also come with an extremely butchered version of Android and
> they can't usually be upgraded to a newer version due to the old technology
> they are built with.
> Nook and Kindle use a very bad interface for people who are used to
> smartphones or the default UI of Android. Very few tablets have rear facing
> cameras - they're tablets, not phones, they're made for a different purpose
> and because of their larger size, they're not exactly something that you
> lug around just to take pictures.
> Expandable memory is not that big of a deal anymore, since most mobile
> users have already moved on to cloud based storage. It's cheap, its
> convenient, it doesn't need to be removed or connected to another machine
> everytime you need to transfer files. It also doesn't wear out after a
> limited amount of read/write cycles.
> A lot of cheap tablets don't include HDMI out (or video out of any kind).
> Because they're tablets. And they're cheap. People don't buy a cheap tablet
> to output video, they buy it as a novelty because its cheap.
> OTG USB is not supported by a lot of devices, because no one wants to
> write or include the drivers. I'm not really sure why that is, as it would
> be useful. However, with the Nexus 7 running a more pure form of Android
> than a Kindle, Nook or Chinese knock-off, you'll have a better chance of
> making that happen.
> If it helps, I have a stack of 43 tablets of various sizes and
> manufacturers, some popular brands and some extremely cheap ones,  that I
> actually looked over before replying.
>  On Fri, Oct 12, 2012 at 1:27 AM, Chad Smith <chad78 at gmail.com> wrote:
>>    - No expandable memory (MicroSD card slot)
>>    - No HDMI out (no video out of any kind)
>>    - No rear facing camera
>>    - No OTG USB (at least not out of the box)
>> Those really cheap tablets you mentioned come with most, if not all, of
>> those features.
>> The Nook HD has a higher resolution screen and MicroSD card slot and HDMI
>> out (but no camera - either side)
>> The Kindle Fire has HDMI out
>> There are PLENTY of reasons why the Nexus 7 isn't the "go to" tablet for
>> everyone.
>> *- Chad W. Smith*
>> On Thu, Oct 11, 2012 at 10:24 PM, Lee Walker <mrscumbagtoyou at gmail.com>wrote:
>>> I can't see why a nexus 7 isn't just the go-to device for everyone.
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