[Chugalug] Jelly bean -> Jolla Mobile

Mike Harrison cluon at geeklabs.com
Fri Oct 12 12:39:58 UTC 2012

> Those really cheap tablets rarely come with all (or most) of those features. They also come with an extremely
> butchered version of Android and they can't usually be upgraded to a newer version due to the old technology they
> are built with.

It's how you sell new equipment evry so often. It's a packaged device and 
very effective. Once upon a time, people bought devices and used them, 
just like they came, for a very very long time. Upgrading tech is a 
fashion statement...

I was with some mundane iFan's a few days ago and it was hilarious. We (as 
geeks) forget how well Apple nailed a large profitable demographic.
I's not about the technology, it's about social standing, fashion, 
appearing techno-savvy and,, and.. incredible usability/usefullnes for 
average people. Oh, yeah, and a revenue stream.


On the geek side of the line, am I he only person wondering what is going 
on with: "Jolla Mobile"?

It looks like the ex Nokia Maemo/Meego/... uber-geeks are still at it.
They are promising something interesting by end of year.

Wish I had time and $$$$ to attend this: http://slush.fi/en/

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