[Chugalug] Anyone playing with Linux based home automation?

John Aldrich jmaldrich at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 8 17:04:40 UTC 2012

Quoting Jason Brown <lists at masterforge.com>:

> If he has more of those cameras, I will take 8 or so ;)
> I am really interested in the HA thing, been waiting for the cost of 7"
> tablets to drop enough to put one on the wall in each room for sensors
> and interface control. I think we are close to that.
> The best open source back end package I have found to date is
> MisterHouse. I have not actually used it yet but it seems perfectly
> hackable to me.
> http://misterhouse.sourceforge.net/
> This is the kind of thing I would love to work on with a team of
> people. Maybe a good ChattLab project once we start getting off the
> ground.
I volunteer to help test it. :D

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