[Chugalug] Could the maker movement become the Maker Party?

Phil Shapiro pshapiro at his.com
Sat Oct 6 20:21:15 UTC 2012

Hi chugalug community, 

I've been wondering this past week whether the maker movement might some day become the Maker Party. In all this heated presidential race, I haven't heard a single word from either candidate on how supporting the maker movement is our best hope for creating new jobs. 

I've lived in the Washington DC-area for almost 30 years and am pretty cynical about politics in general, yet if a Maker Party would ever form, I would be 150 percent behind it. If the Maker Party solidly promoted open source software for use in government, schools, hospitals, etc -- I'd be 250 percent behind it. 

To my mind, if your movement is not playing within the political arena, then it's playing on the sidelines. Sidelines" means you can be easily ignored and overlooked. 

Anyway, just wanted to share these thoughts for what they're worth. Didn't want to start a long discussion thread, cause I love the Linux focus of this list. Feel free to contact me off-list if this topic is of interest and I can coordinate some off-list discussion. I might coordinate a Google Hangout discussion on this topic sometime, too. 

phil shapiro 


Phil Shapiro, pshapiro at his.com 

"Wisdom begins with wonder." - Socrates 
"Learning happens thru gentleness." 

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