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On WGOW talking about this at 10:30.  Chugalunch after anyone?


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> But isn't this also true of commercial providers to some extent.
> Cell, cable, and other providers have all oversold and are trying monetize the bandwith.
> And they all are making decisions that piss off a lot of us.
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>> Service providers count on a certain amount of oversubscription. For
>> every bandwidth hungry gamer they count on a dozen grandmas checking
>> email. I don’t think EPB has enough experience (after all, they ARE
>> just government employees, not entrepreneurs) at being business
>> people. They understand grants, and taxes, and electric rates. They
>> like publicity. They hate actual usage of the network because they
>> can’t figure out how to make money under that model, and, frankly, I
>> don’t think the majority of EPB people actually care about the
>> necessity of profits. They can always just go back to the FEDS and
>> get another grant, or, alternatively, raise the electric rates to
>> close the gap.
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