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Fri Oct 5 13:36:30 UTC 2012

But isn't this also true of commercial providers to some extent.
Cell, cable, and other providers have all oversold and are trying monetize the bandwith.
And they all are making decisions that piss off a lot of us.

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> Service providers count on a certain amount of oversubscription. For
> every bandwidth hungry gamer they count on a dozen grandmas checking
> email. I don’t think EPB has enough experience (after all, they ARE
> just government employees, not entrepreneurs) at being business
> people. They understand grants, and taxes, and electric rates. They
> like publicity. They hate actual usage of the network because they
> can’t figure out how to make money under that model, and, frankly, I
> don’t think the majority of EPB people actually care about the
> necessity of profits. They can always just go back to the FEDS and
> get another grant, or, alternatively, raise the electric rates to
> close the gap.

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