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I think EPB DID understand your technical details.  What you were offering was a way for EPB to attract and sign up more bandwidth hungry gamers to their system.  From a business perspective, I'm guessing their thinking was something like:

1.  Iron Gaming can really boost our signups at the "gig" level for residential service.
2.  Gamers are typically bandwidth hungry users and also like to use bit torrent.
3.  Hundreds or thousands of gamers in Chattanooga running bit torrent = huge losses for EPB.
4.  We better tell Iron Gaming to go use someone else's bandwidth.

You have a great idea and concept.  Great games locally via hosted servers all on a essentially a Gig WAN in Chattanooga.  My guess is that you actually found a realistic way for people to use the "gig" and the economic realities to EPB scared them away.

Of course, your model is also a bad headline for EPB. " EPB spends 550M of taxpayer dollars to provide entertainment services in Chattanooga."

Service providers count on a certain amount of oversubscription.  For every bandwidth hungry gamer they count on a dozen grandmas checking email.  I don't think EPB has enough experience (after all, they ARE just government employees, not entrepreneurs) at being business people.  They understand grants, and taxes, and electric rates.  They like publicity.  They hate actual usage of the network because they can't figure out how to make money under that model, and, frankly, I don't think the majority of EPB people actually care about the necessity of profits.  They can always just go back to the FEDS and get another grant, or, alternatively, raise the electric rates to close the gap.

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My response to the crap being spewed on TFP's site:

So let me clear up a few things that are wrong with this article and its portrayal of the facts.

#1.  Iron Gaming won the $10,000 Warner Brothers digital media prize in the Gigtank Event this summer.  We also receive $15,000 in seed capital that was funded by local and regional venture groups.

#2.  EPB valued our proposal for the "EPB Gig Gaming Center", an extension of the GigLabs project, at $50,000 per an email from Danna Bailey to me.

#3.  We were asking for the "Gig" only to help promote EPB in the media by visually showing and making a physical representation of what a "Gig" can do for gamers in EPB's customer base.  This service would have been exclusive to EPB's customer base and have provided a way for Iron Gaming to promote our gaming league in the region.  Did we NEED a gig, no.  When we finally asked to pay for the service, we kept getting referred back to Danna Bailey and as of August 2 (before the end of the Gigtank Contest) we have not heard back from anyone at EPB.

#4.  Our relationship with Comcast has been fantastic from an Iron Labs (brick and mortar gaming store) and Iron Gaming (online gaming league) perspective.  Comcast has helped open doors for us and provided a significant amount of support for our startup.

#5.  My only "beef" with EPB is that the people we were dealing with did not understand the technical details of what we were offering and therefor did not value what the proposal could provide them.  To this day I do not hold any animosity towards EPB and will still do all that I can in supporting them and the growth of the startup community in the "Gig City".

Aaron Welch
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I just don't like bullies :)

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> Rod, I knew how to milk that cow (and did)
> and personally moved on. My ex-"partner"
> hung on as the cow died..
> Life is good. It's fun memories,
> but few real regrets.
> Every time I have played with lawyers, the lawyers won.
> I didn't tell David to not work something out with them,
> just to be wary and walk carefully. I've made more money
> handling snakes (carefully) than anything else I've ever done.
> Dude, we ($work) are selling electricity in Nigeria and Zimbabwe
> and..
> and..  with Linux powered systems.. (on topic!)
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