[Chugalug] Whats the best way to move up in IT field?

Dave Brockman dave at brockmans.com
Thu Oct 4 19:41:47 UTC 2012

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On 10/4/2012 3:34 PM, Eric Wolf wrote:
> The sys admin equivalent is the "Systems Architect"... Maybe the 
> spectrum extends from "BOFH" at the low end to "Archi-Dude in the
> Cloud(s)".

Having held an "architect" title, I just may be insulted by that.  Of
course, those were the days before everyone was jumping up and down on
vague vaporous masses floating around somewhere in the stratosphere,
and I usually see these referencing programmers or project managers,
not actual network designers and such as the work I performed in this

> In the Federal Government, one's ability to position oneself in
> the right project and take credit at the right time determines
> one's promotion capacity. And if you get the right promotion at the
> right time, you may land a fast track series of promotions once
> people start realizing that you are totally incompetent and the
> only way to get rid of you is to promote you away.

Ahh, the old fuck-up move-up management plan.  I haven't seen that
since I left Compaq....



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