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Eric Wolf ebwolf at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 19:23:15 UTC 2012

> #5.  My only "beef" with EPB is that the people we were dealing with did
> not understand the technical details of what we were offering and therefor
> did not value what the proposal could provide them.  To this day I do not
> hold any animosity towards EPB and will still do all that I can in
> supporting them and the growth of the startup community in the "Gig City".

<sigh> One would think that the whole idea behind Gig City was to make it
clear to everyone at the EPB just what sorts of enterprises they
would/could support. The value of your proposal was vetted by the
competition. Your "Gig City Winner" badge should have made everyone ask you
to help them understand the technical details because that's what their job
will be in the near future.</sigh>

Like many bureaucracies (or monopolies) EPB is a conundrum. Some parts of
the enterprise "get it" and see what the future could be while others are
totally clueless and spend all their energy protecting their fiefdom. You
ought to try pushing new ideas in the Federal Government!

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