[Chugalug] Whats the best way to move up in IT field?

John Aldrich jmaldrich at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 4 19:08:34 UTC 2012

Quoting Tim Youngblood <timyoungblood at gmail.com>:

> Improve your communication skills.
> Is your knowledge accessible so others can work with you and benefit from
> it?
> All the certs in the world won't help you if you cannot confer and receive
> knowledge from your fellow humans.
> On Oct 4, 2012 12:40 PM, "Jonathan Burishkin" <jburishkin at gmail.com> wrote:
No, but the PHBs only seem to care about certs. They don't care if you  
can't admin your way out of a paper bag, they just want to see that  
shiny cert. Now, this is NOT true of "clueful" bosses, but most  
"clueful" bosses probably won't be working for a big company, or there  
will be so many "gatekeepers" between you and them that they will  
never even SEE your resume unless you have certs. Now that's just my  

Of course, if you know someone who knows someone on the inside, all  
bets are off. :D

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