[Chugalug] Whats the best way to move up in IT field?

Dave Brockman dave at brockmans.com
Thu Oct 4 16:52:39 UTC 2012

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On 10/4/2012 12:39 PM, Jonathan Burishkin wrote:
> What do you consider the best way to move up in the IT field?

Find a new position with a new company.... it's almost your only option.

> I am working is an IT Support Specialist, basically Help Desk type
> of work, but I do a bit more then that. Ive professionally worked
> in this field only about 2 or so years, although I have lots of
> experience experimenting and messing around with computers for many
> years (15 or so?).

Unless you can better describe experimenting and messing around, then
you only have a couple of years of experience.  Get some more of that too.

> Ive herd through a few people that have good IT jobs that
> Certifications and experience is the way to go and they mainly
> look for experience.

When you're on the "desk", you need to be working on some other certs,
otherwise, all you have is X number of years "on the desk".  Your
current employer is unlikely to have an IT apprenticeship to help move
your career along, so it's up to you to prove to your next interview
that you know something besides the "desk".

> Through Certifications?

Gets past HR screens...

> Through Associates Degree?

No value that I am aware of...

> Through Bachelors Degree?

Gets past HR screens...

> Through Experience alone?

Great, if you can get in front of the right person who can validate it...

> Other ways?

Still looking and open to suggestions...


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