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All is good here.  The service provider I own is rolling right along (and we use MANY Linux servers).

Microsoft products are fine when they are working.  That is some excitement trying to coax an exchange server back into working condition.  Exciting is a bad thing for a network.  I prefer my "boring" Linux machines that just run and run and run.

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On Thu, 4 Oct 2012, Rod-Lists wrote:

> SLAP suits and good PR connections.

Rod, I knew how to milk that cow (and did) and personally moved on. My ex-"partner"
hung on as the cow died..

Life is good. It's fun memories,
but few real regrets.

Every time I have played with lawyers, the lawyers won.

I didn't tell David to not work something out with them, just to be wary and walk carefully. I've made more money handling snakes (carefully) than anything else I've ever done.

Dude, we ($work) are selling electricity in Nigeria and Zimbabwe and.. 
and..  with Linux powered systems.. (on topic!)

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