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David Snyder davids at volstate.net
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I remember well those days.  Do you recall the original 'Chattanooga Metronet"?  That is how EPB originally conned local service providers to support their network.  It was supposed to be a transport layer only for the benefit of all.  My how the "vision" has changed.  VOLstate was a "charter member" of that project that never happened as advertised.

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On Thu, 4 Oct 2012, David Snyder wrote:
> We also have been asking EPB to “open” their network to us.  We want 
> to provide our services over their publicly owned fiber network.  The 
> idea is that my company would interconnect with EPB and utilize them 
> for “loops”, not

In direct violation of my original agreements with EPB Telecom, they went after my (Chattanooga Online's) larger customers, even the ones that were not on EPB's network. Even customers expicitly named in the agreements..
and this was long before they have fiber..

My lawyers advice was: You can't afford to fight them.

My advice is: Walk carefully in the snake pit.

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