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Not a mover or a shaker, just another geek bull in a china shop of bullshit.


On Oct 4, 2012, at 9:24 AM, "Alex Smith (K4RNT)" <shadowhunter at gmail.com> wrote:

> So does EPB throttle, or impose maximum transfer quotas when you
> utilize their service to a large amount? I'm out of the area now (I
> live in northern Virginia, and have Verizon FiOS at home), but if my
> dad ever moves back to Chattanooga, I'm strongly recommending EPB
> service to him.
> I didn't realize you were such a big mover and shaker, Aaron... :)
> On Thu, Oct 4, 2012 at 9:16 AM, Tim Youngblood <timyoungblood at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Love to see competition for Epb and glad you are driving the discussion. I
>> love me some Epb, but BS is BS and the 'gig' is marketing gone too far.
>> Given the same scenario I would have taken the same path.
>> Let's see who else picks up this story nationally. Forwarding now.
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