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I’ve been blogging about this for quite some time.  See my opinions about municipal broadband projects and their consequences here:


I’m sorry that Aaron has found out just as I and other service providers have.  EPB is not being honest.  EPB has wasted taxpayer and ratepayer dollars on building a service that is simply not practical for widespread use.  Those of you who actually know bandwidth consumption and measure it – this is not news to you.  Unfortunately, for 99% of the customers out there they have no idea how much bandwidth they actually need or use.  It is a shame that the politicians in this area have been preyed upon by vendors who see an easy sale.  The politicians in turn have passed on their outrageous fees to the ratepayers for a network that will be eventually be matched by private competitors at prices far below what EPB can do.  Look, EPB now has $300M in borrowed money they must float.  That is a big problem that is not going away.

Aaron, I am truly sorry this has happened to you.  Keep up the fight for pursuing your business.  You will need to concentrate on building without the assistance of Government programs.  In the end, you are much better off not having to answer to clueless politicians about your business model.

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Let me know what you guys think.

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