[Chugalug] Is there really a high tech shortage in the US?

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Tue Oct 2 20:51:28 UTC 2012

In 2000 I saw this at play at Blue Cross in Chattanooga. Not only was Blue
Cross able to pay programmers from India a significantly reduced rate
(about 1/2), but they also locked people in for multiple years by
sponsoring their visa. The other bit at play is IT management tries to
actually manage the software process. So the employees are just cogs. IT
management has also enjoyed being able to hire for specific skills. In
other corporate, jobs are more broadly defined.

If you get into regions of the country where there are economics at play
beyond of saving 50% in salary and locking someone in for multiple years,
selection is tougher in established firms but pay is higher. Selection can
be easier in startups because they are looking more at personality and how
what you bring fits in the mix.

That said, there is steadily increasing demand for corporate IT flunkies.
No one going to school for CompSci wants those jobs. So there's definitely
a lack of candidates.


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> There been a slurry of articles about the tech crunch or the lack of
> qualified candidates.
> This op-ed disagrees.
> http://www.globalaffairs.org/forum/threads/is-there-really-a-high-tech-shortage-in-the-us.68941/
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