[Chugalug] Digital Signatures

Mike Harrison cluon at geeklabs.com
Mon Oct 1 13:37:16 UTC 2012

Just in case someone wanted to see this.
You can sit and watch on the sidelines for free.

I'm hoping to make it.


Chattanooga Engineers Club:

NEXT MEETING: October 1st: Pem Guerry, Executive Vice President of SIGNiX 
Solutions – “Digital Signatures”

Have you overnighted an important document to a client, only to wait days 
or even weeks for the document to be signed, because it was stuck on 
someone’s desk while they were away on a business trip?  While many 
organizations have switched to electronic documents to improve convenience 
and efficiency, they still rely on wet ink signatures.  Sticking with ink 
means dealing with postage, additional personnel costs, strained customer 
relationships, document archiving, and slower revenue intake.  Mr. Guerry 
will discuss topics including: signing documents online safely and 
securely, the risks involved in moving towards paperless operations, and 
the cost savings and benefits and return on investment of such a project.


The Chattanooga Engineer's Club meets noon Mondays at the DOUBLETREE 
HOTEL, 407 Chestnut Street, from 12 noon to 1 pm EST and free parking is 
available at 11:30. Buffet lunch is $16.  If you do not plan to purchase 
lunch, please use chairs around the perimeter of the room.

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