[Chugalug] TWINKIES!!!

John Aldrich jmaldrich at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 30 13:29:04 UTC 2012

Quoting Rod-Lists <rod-lists at epbfi.com>:

> except they are in bankruptcy all liabilities should be on the table.
> Point is the meme is the union drove them into bankruptcy, but facts  
>  are far different.
> And it points to a bigger problem in business in this country these days.
> Can we truly remain competitive in this country if we continue with   
> the golden parachutes for execs who drive a company into the ground?
Exactly! Why do we continue to put up with golden parachutes for  
executives who drive their companies into the ground? I say we need to  
tell these executives, if you pull all the money out of the company  
and drive it into the ground, you, PERSONALLY, pay the price by having  
to give back a portion of your last 12 month's salary. Maybe that  
would stop the so-called "Vulture Capitalism." I'm not against venture  
capital, but it needs to be *reasonable,* so that everyone makes  
money, not just the bankers and lawyers!

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