[Chugalug] PHP help?

Joe Freeman joe at netbyjoe.com
Wed Nov 28 16:58:10 UTC 2012

I posted this on StackOverflow, but thought I'd check with folks here to
see if they have any suggestions-

I am converting some perl code using LWP::UserAgent::DNS::Hosts to php.

What the perl code is doing is making page load time measurements against
multiple individual servers in a load balancing pool. Since the servers are
using name based virtual hosting, the perl code uses this line to change
the url/hostname to ip binding:

    'www.mytesturl.com' => '',

    my $ua = LWP::UserAgent->new;

    #actually enforces new DNS settings as if they were in /etc/hosts


    my $response= $ua->get('http://www.mytesturl.com');

    $TimeElapsed = tv_interval ($Timerstart,[gettimeofday]);

    if ($response->is_success) {
       print "<br>Response detected - Time to Load: $TimeElapsed seconds\r\n"

I know I can do this with raw socket manipulation, but I was hoping I could
do it with cURL or another class library in PHP. The perl code actually
repeats this inside a loop with several different IP's for the same url
(each ip is a specific server) to test the servers individually.


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