[Chugalug] Zim > Tomboy ???

Mike Harrison cluon at geeklabs.com
Fri Nov 23 22:17:58 UTC 2012

Re: Desktop Notes/Wiki

I'd been using Tomboy for a while, but it's been a slow flaky Pig
on Bodhi, when it launches at all. With no actual knowledge, I decided to 
blame Mono (what it is written in) and move on. Because of immediate need,
I started using some text files with notes and things I needed cut out of
Tomboy. That sucks.

Installed a couple of these "Desktop Wiki" type of apps and decided Zim
won for my needs.

http://zim-wiki.org/    apt-get install zim

It's written in Python, and even includes a Windows installer.
Seems pretty quick and clean. Files are saved in "wiki syntax"
as plain text files in a directory tree. Easy to convert other things
to this format. It will export to HTML.

Odd things:

    A Calendar View. A Task/Todo, and Wiki Style "version control"
    A web server mode..

Liked it enough I felt compelled to share..

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