[Chugalug] New Job... Back in Linux

Mike Harrison cluon at geeklabs.com
Thu Nov 22 11:53:32 UTC 2012

> Honestly, I've tried it before and in the end, decided it wasn't worth it. You have all of the *nix tools with OS X anyway, and the ones not already there you can get with the homebrew
> package manager.

Congrats Eric!

I've also got a sexy top of the line MacBrook Pro running the latest OSX.
I use it as much as I can force myself to, exploring.
Nancy's using one as well, and except for an app that needs Tomcat
that she needs, and MS-Word, everything on it works well. MS-Word locks
down sometimes. The Tomcat/Java app is just a resource pig.

I'm writing this on my Sony running Ubuntu/Bodhi. For what I do, the minor 
differences in terminal. ssh, editors (Yes, I have Joe running on the Mac)
and especially windows management is frustrating.

If you think the Mac's *nix tools are like Linux's (or Free BSD's.. or.. )
you haven't realized how much Apple has made them "special" for the Mac.

I'm not complaining, It's Unix with a sexy GUI and now many many more 
people are not using Microsoft products thanks to Apple. But it ain't the 
same. And yes, I'll admit some of it's *nix like things are even better.


Remember when we used to bitch about Windows?

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