[Chugalug] New Job... Back in Linux

Eric Wolf ebwolf at gmail.com
Thu Nov 22 03:37:13 UTC 2012

I started a new job this week. It marks a significant shift away from
academic research, web mapping and geo work back to my roots (sort of). I
now spend my days writing Python to automate testing of software in
SSD-based SANs. In particular, the devices provide guaranteed IO QOS for
virtual environments. The company is is a start up called SolidFire and
they just hit their first general availability release.

One positive is that they are a Linux shop. Most of the older geeks are
ex-Sun storage people so they've always done Unix in one flavor or another.
The SAN boxen are OEMed Dells running Ubuntu. As a contractor, I'm allowed
to run whatever I want as long as I get the work done they need. The
consulting firm that placed me did give me a 17" MacBook Pro that now
dual-boots OS-X and Ubuntu (off my spare SSD drive). The automation team
pretty much all runs Ubuntu 12.04 so I thought I'd play along.

Thanks to Wil for getting me started on rEFIt. Getting the Mac to boot
Ubuntu was surprisingly painful but I immediately earned geek cred because
no one else managed/bothered to natively boot Ubuntu on an MBPro. Several
of the old Sun geeks made comments about the Mac hot keys screwing
something up, assuming I'm running Ubuntu in a VM. One was actually shocked
that I wasn't just running OS X.


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