[Chugalug] Advice needed for long term data archival using Tape Library LTO-5 and LTFS

Jason Brown lists at masterforge.com
Wed Nov 21 13:21:21 UTC 2012

Hello guys,

I'm looking into long term data archiving solutions, and based on the 
amount of time that I need to retain data (10+ years) LTO5 tape seems to 
be the storage media of choice.
I'm looking for backup / tape management software for Linux or OSX for 
helping to handle this.

Bacula looks ok, hate the name.
Amanda is CLI only, but might work. Zamanda enterprise is way too 
expensive per client.

For some of our archiving, simple shell scripts would work but I think 
the primary features I am looking for are:

  * Open source if possible.
  * Tape life cycle management
  * Database / Index of files and which tapes they are on
  * Web interface (nice to have).
  * Staging to disk: I would like to stage tape archiving on disk first,
    and fill the tapes from there.
  * Management of a tape changer library, Dell TL2000 or similar.
      o I have not decided whether to go to a library or not, how hard
        are the tapes to remove for off site archiving in these
  * Should I just use LTFS and some homegrown tracking?

Anyone with recent experience in tape libraries have any suggestions? It 
has been many years since I have worked with tape and capacities were 
much smaller then. With 1.5TB raw storage on LTO5 for as low as $35


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