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I had similar problems with Fedora. I still love the idea of Fedora because it comes across to me as a perfect match between user friendly home desktop and a developer machine. But I alway had problems installing software on Fedora and eventually gave up on it. I'M really liking Mint Linux right now. And I like Cinnamon a lot better the Unity. Mint can be a little bit flaky with packages so I did some research and found this site on installing Cinnamon on Ubuntu. I really don't care for Unity. http://www.linuxbsdos.com/2012/09/20/install-cinnamon-1-6-in-ubuntu-12-04-lts/  Now that I think about it, one of you guys may have originally sent me this link.

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I have been using Fedora for over two years now.  However, I grew very weary of updates (especially kernel updates) breaking things like wireless and VMWare Player.  I couldn't get VMWare Player (4 or 5) running under Fedora 17 no matter what I did.  (Before someone flames me about not using VirtualBox, I need VMWare Player for the classes I teach). 

Two weeks ago, I finally had enough.  I downloaded Ubuntu 12.04 and used it to blow away my Fedora partition, and star from scratch.  Within two hours I had a fully functional system with all my data (email accounts and Google Calendar in Evolution) and applications installed. 

I was feeling pretty happy until VMWare player started complaining that I didn't have enough swap space for it to run optimally.  So, I downloaded System Rescue CD, and used GParted to decrease my ext4 partition, and increase my swap space.  Viola!  Ununtu booted right back up and now VMWare Player doesen't complain anymore.

I'm still getting used to Unity.  I think I'll give it a few more days before I start installing other GUIs.  

At any rate, the last time I used Ubuntu was about 4 years or so ago, when I messed around with Ubuntu Studio a little bit.  I must admit, I am pretty impressed with how far it has come.


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