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Tue Nov 20 04:45:21 UTC 2012

I *love* Unity, but at this point at least, it's a big resource hog. Try
LXDE or XFCE. Both are light and nice looking. You can switch out the
window managers pretty easily with those if you want.

I use XMonad with LXDE. It works pretty nicely, and it's pretty speedy with
my really bad 50+ open browser tab habit and numerous tmux sessions with
various dev stuff running.

On Mon, Nov 19, 2012 at 11:19 PM, JonathanCalloway <
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> Hi!
> I have been using Fedora for over two years now.  However, I grew very
> weary of updates (especially kernel updates) breaking things like wireless
> and VMWare Player.  I couldn't get VMWare Player (4 or 5) running under
> Fedora 17 no matter what I did.  (Before someone flames me about not using
> VirtualBox, I need VMWare Player for the classes I teach).
> Two weeks ago, I finally had enough.  I downloaded Ubuntu 12.04 and used
> it to blow away my Fedora partition, and star from scratch.  Within two
> hours I had a fully functional system with all my data (email accounts and
> Google Calendar in Evolution) and applications installed.
> I was feeling pretty happy until VMWare player started complaining that I
> didn't have enough swap space for it to run optimally.  So, I downloaded
> System Rescue CD, and used GParted to decrease my ext4 partition, and
> increase my swap space.  Viola!  Ununtu booted right back up and now VMWare
> Player doesen't complain anymore.
> I'm still getting used to Unity.  I think I'll give it a few more days
> before I start installing other GUIs.
> At any rate, the last time I used Ubuntu was about 4 years or so ago, when
> I messed around with Ubuntu Studio a little bit.  I must admit, I am pretty
> impressed with how far it has come.
> <JC>
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