[Chugalug] The love affair is over and the mistress is dead... (my broken Nokia N900)

DaWorm daworm at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 19:26:46 UTC 2012

Could be some corrosion in the contacts.  There are tear down guides
on YouTube (such as this one:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDQ81cahD1c ), it might be worth it to
just take it apart and reassemble it to clean out any corrosion.

Looks like a lot of work, though.


On Mon, Nov 19, 2012 at 8:17 AM, kitepilot at kitepilot.com
<kitepilot at kitepilot.com> wrote:
> I wish I had a Linux phone (and I may hack my Samsung Note in the future),
> but as it is, Android is as good as it gets...
> I ditched Nokia (and my N900) after they shacked up with the witch of
> Seattle, but the device was in work order before I mothballed it.
> I turned it ON a couple of days ago looking for ALL my Alaska phone numbers
> and...
> The screen is dead...   :(
> I know that she is alive because the keyboard lits up and she still moans
> when rubbed, but no display.
> Good thing that I rsync(ed) the whole thing before switching it OFF and I
> was able to find the DB files and recover my numbers.
> Gutta luv Linux...
> Question is:
> Does anybody have an idea about what happened here?
> Can I re-infuse some life to this fancy (and expensive) paper weight?
> (I wanted to hack it too)
> Can anybody in this list diagnose the illness?
> I'm loving Android too, but it ain't Linux.
> ET
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