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Chris Cantwell cjc1103 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 17 18:13:14 UTC 2012

I was heading down to East Ridge mall for Ed King's swap meet, with a load
of old computer stuff, but Ed cancelled. Anyone interested in putting
another one together? Tomorrow at 1pm, perhaps, or next weekend?
Here's some of my stuff:
Intel board + 2.13Ghz Core2 CPU + 4GB RAM + DVD drive, Seasonic PSU, works
great with Windows 7 or Linux, $150
AMD 1Ghz computer, 250 GB IDE, 512MB RAM, recent PSU replacement, $25, good
for a file server - case has room for 4 hard drives.
Old Intel Socket 370 866Mhz MicroATX, micro case, setup as a router with 4
Ethernet ports, offers?
Old Nikon SCSI scanner, will work under Linux
Box of floppy drives and Iomega zip drives, $5 (or maybe less!)
Two 80GB SATA drives, $10 ea
320GB SATA drive $20
No reasonable offer refused!
Chris Cantwell
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