[Chugalug] I'm Back, Baby

Mike Harrison cluon at geeklabs.com
Sat Nov 10 01:21:28 UTC 2012

Welcome back!

Things have changed since you left:

Only on topic conversations are allowed.
No bio-diesel, politics, sex, microsoft tech support... etc is allowed.

This is now a 501C3 non profit with a huge endowement.

We have regular monthly meetings with an agenda and a 20+ minute
business oriented after meeting. No alcholic beverages are allowed.

We elect a new President and board every year, after a 3 hour
public debate and coding exhibition. This year the candidates
must write a program in "BrainFuck" that adds a feature to the Linux 
kernel while it is running.

http://www.iwriteiam.nl/Ha_bf_Turing.html (just one of many links)


Or, we could just tell you that you are President and
in charge of the next meeting/chugalunch.


Save the date: November 27th (Tuesday) night we MAY have an actual meeting
with a presentation by Ed Nanney. Still working on details...

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