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Any idea on which local ISPs are doing this, our it's it all of them?


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>On 11/3/2012 7:48 PM, Christopher Rimondi wrote:
>> 1. What is the nature of the alerts? HTTP redirects, DNS redirects,
>> Java script inserted into legitimate pages? I couldn't seem to find
>> anything on this.
>Implementation is left up to the operator....
>> 2. Why would ISPs voluntarily participate in a program like this? I
>> have a few guesses such as it will save them from future litigation
>> or the content owners are paying them directly. But, does anyone
>> have evidence on why they are doing this?
>Evidence.... RIAA Cartel doesn't like that word.....
>The real answer, when it all comes down to it, *NO* one wants Internet
>traffic regulated, they are volunteering to delay/prevent the legal
>mandate for the ISPs themselves to be responsible for what the bits
>they transport contain.
>> I have heard this referred to as "SOPA-lite".
>It's referred to as many things, depending which circle you are
>listening in on.... :)
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