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Dr.D don at coastlandtech.com
Sat Nov 3 21:48:34 UTC 2012

I backup about 100G a month to AWS.s3 (only up) and run a "tiny" Linux
server that I run some watch-dog scripts to let me know when something is
going on at my COlO or on my servers.. And pay about $26 a month..  

If you only have 1 or 2 sites, and little database small is okay.. 
More than 10 sites using databases you need the more than the medium... 
More than 100 sites needs the Extra Large..  

I ran 460 sites on the Extra Large (Centos 5) for about 3 hours for a test
and it was a little slow..   This also was 
after midnight.. And I did see some 1 to 2 pauses at times, I could tell
from what I normally see on my own hardware..
I know you can run more that one copy but with all the sites each having
their own databases, it's not practical for me.. 

But I now see that now have a "Quadruple Extra Large" for 3.10 a hour that I
may could replace one of my HP server for a few hours if I had too.  

Just my 2 cents on what I know of aws.. And how it really preformed for me..





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On 11/3/2012 9:38 AM, Billy wrote:
> They just went down again due to the release of their 2nd gen 
> instances.
> So for an m1.small, it would cost me about $46 per month to run 24/7.
> That's $46 a month for basically a colo.

In reality, it's pretty far from what I consider Colo.  Colo is my hardware,
and I have control of my resources.

> I'm paying $6 a month for managed virtual hosting, but I'm limited in 
> what I can run -- and on the other peeps on the box.

You share infrastructure with other peeps on that Amazon instance as

> $46 sounds like a freaking steal to me. Own box. Backed up (from a DR 
> perspective). I'm not a bandwidth hog, so that's a non-issue.

My Linode only costs $20/month.  I back my own stuff up, I don't leave DR up
to them.  Same boat as you regarding bandwidth.  And for 2012, Linode has a
better uptime than AWS East...



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