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point taken.
I would add that many advocates of any position fear co-opting via compromise.

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> On 12/15/2012 11:31 AM, Rod-Lists wrote:
> > I think stephen was engaging farce to make a point.
> I've tried really hard to abstain from this thread... for various
> reasons.  But it seems to me that one very simple, very important
> fact
> has not appeared in the discussion thus far.
> Simply put, RMS is a fundamentalist.  Go ahead and google and make
> sure you have an accurate understanding of the definition of a
> fundamentalist.  We all draw our lines, I draw mine closer to me than
> most on this list.  There is at least the distance of our solar
> system
> between where I draw my line and where RMS draws his line.  The man
> does have some ... less than endearing social qualities, but then
> again, so did Jefferson and Edison.  Our history books seem to have
> forgotten about most of those... Don't damn the genius for the
> eccentricity.....
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