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That first part was meant to be as much a joke as anything. I would never
like to see anyone lose their life... and with the exception of my
immediate family (me, my wife and children) my family is very overweight
and lazy. If I were a survivalist they would be considered more of a
liability for survival... I am not a survivalist.

I do enjoy watching that show doomsday preppers, but as much for the comedy
and process some of those people go through. One of them was a teenager
that about caught a house on fire and admitting to stealing. He also
thought a single small cupboard of canned goods were enough to sustain him
for a year... yeah...  they have filmed some real winners.


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> (1) Ghoulish, and (2) a "survivalist" wet dream . Protect them from a
> biota gone mad, toxic air, water, and soil, and new designer and viral
> plagues ? Right! Beat that chest.
> You and I agree on that. I also say that substantial quiet starvation is
> not going to happen with technological humans -- we will attack one another
> with all our chemical and biological might ( and possibly atomic, but it
> needs some technology and organization to deploy ).
> Our complex civilization, when substantially disrupted, will not adjust
> gracefully.
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