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> I don't care about the 7 billion, just the few dozen in my family I care
> about and we know how to take care of ourselves. ;)

(1) Ghoulish, and (2) a "survivalist" wet dream . Protect them from a  
biota gone mad, toxic air, water, and soil, and new designer and viral  
plagues ? Right! Beat that chest.

> The thing is there are lots of ways to add fertility to the soil like cover
> crops after harvest, field and crop rotation, burning, composting, etc... I
> generally go to farmers markets whenever I need something that's currently
> in season and ran into a fellow who was happy to give me a few pointers. He
> told me that he had very poor soil and couldn't grow much because of the
> heavy clay content but he had a couple seasons in one field where he just
> planted winter rye, used a flail mower to chop it up and tilled it into the
> soil and now his soil is awesome. He had the beautiful plants to back it
> up. He went on to tell me theories on organic gardening which was pretty
> fascinating.
> I think phosphorus shortages may change the way things are done and may
> reduce the scale at which commercial farming can be done as we know it, but
> I don't think it will cause global starvation. Necessity becomes the mother
> of invention and I have faith in mankind finding a way.
> Though I'm definitely not saying it would not have an impact on food
> supplies, I just don't think it will be at the scale they say.

You and I agree on that. I also say that substantial quiet starvation  
is not going to happen with technological humans -- we will attack one  
another with all our chemical and biological might ( and possibly  
atomic, but it needs some technology and organization to deploy ).

Our complex civilization, when substantially disrupted, will not  
adjust gracefully.

> -B
> On Sat, Dec 15, 2012 at 11:15 AM, Rod-Lists <rod-lists at epbfi.com> wrote:
>> I know several activists that are teaching soil building and composting.
>> The problem is we had a population explosion since the misnamed "green
>> revolution" which brought about global scale use of synthetic fertilizer.
>> And Phosphorus in synthetic fertilizer is mined from a few locations and
>> therefore finite.
>> 7 Billion and growing would not be possible on just horse and green manure.

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R. D. Flowers, Chattanooga, TN, USA

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